Use rdp to connect to mac

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Share the screen of another Mac

Mac Productivity. Microsoft offers a free tool to do the job. Read on to learn how to set up and use Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac. Remote Desktop for Mac is relatively simple to set up. If you need to connect to a PC running Home, one of the best remote access tools will help you out.

Your PC needs to be on and awake for you to connect remotely.

Get the Remote Desktop client

You might therefore want to activate the Keep my PC awake option. To do this, click Show settings alongside it and set Sleep to Never. You should probably only do this if you need constant remote access to the computer. Next, scroll down to User accounts.

Chrome Remote Desktop

To allow other users to log in remotely, click Select users to add their usernames. Finally, you need to grab a couple of pieces of info before you switch over to your Mac. This opens the network connection properties screen. Scroll to the bottom of the page and locate the IPv4 address in the list.

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Make a note of this number. Microsoft also offers versions of the app for iOS and Android. In the dialog box that opens, type in the PC Name that you checked earlier. By default, User Account is set to Ask me every time.

Remotix for Mac Help

Once you have the info you need, go ahead and close the window. The first app should be Microsoft Remote Desktop. Click the Get button and once downloaded, click the Open button. Click on the New button to start a new remote desktop connection. Here you will type in all the information that was listed out on the PC when you setup remote desktop assistant.

Give your connection a name, type in the IP address under PC Name, configure a gateway if required and then type in the credentials for the remote PC.

Step 1: Prepare Your Windows PC

Note that the PC will need to have an account with a password in order for all this to work. Also, to save the connection, you just have to press the red X button at the top left of the screen. For some odd reason, there is no Add and Save button on the dialog. Enter Full Screen: The screen sharing window expands to fill your screen.

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  7. To see the toolbar and menus, move the pointer to the top of the screen. For example, you can:. Copy text from a document on one Mac and drop it on the desktop of the other Mac to create a clipping. You can also use Universal Clipboard to copy text, images, photos, and video on one Apple device and then paste the content on another Apple device. Domain ].

    On your Mac, do one of the following: Connect using the name: Click the Finder icon in the Dock to open a Finder window. If prompted, enter your user name and password, then click Sign In. From the View menu, set the following options: Show Tab Bar: Use this option to display or hide the tab bar. Customize Toolbar: Drag buttons into or out of the toolbar.