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More by Appest Inc. See more. Appest Inc. An easy note taking app for android to note everything. To-Do List for Google Tasks. Build for the Web. Todo Agenda. Yuri Volkov yvolk. Home screen widgets displaying events from selected calendars and task lists. Synchronize Your Tasks with Google. ToDo List - Simple 1 list. Komorebi Inc. This will mark the selected task as "Completed.

You can click the blue checkmark next to a completed task to move it back to your list, or the. Method 5. Click the list you want to rearrange. This will open the selected list's contents. Hover over the task you want to move. The task will lift up from the list. Hold down and drag the task you want to move. This will allow you to move tasks up or down on the current list, and rearrange the list as you want.

Drop the task to its new location on the list. This way, you can move any task up or down on a list. It will open a drop-down menu. Select Date under the "Sort by" heading. When this option is selected, all the tasks on your list will be automatically sorted by date.

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Tasks with no specified date will appear under the "No date" heading. You can't manually move tasks up or down if your list is sorted by date. You can switch to your custom list order anytime by selecting My order on the same menu. Method 6. The task will lift up from the list, and a. Click the list name in the task details. Your selected task's current list is indicated below the details box here.

Clicking the list name will open a list of all your task lists. Select the list you want to move this task to. Clicking a list name here will instantly move your task to the selected list. Method 7. Click the list you want to edit.

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This will open the selected list. Click Rename list on the menu. This will open a new pop-up window. Edit your list's name in the pop-up window. You can change parts of the list's current name, or delete it and enter a new one. Click Done in the pop-up window. This will save your list's new name. Method 8. KeepSolid's Fammle - Family Organizer wants to make it a snap to help manage your family's schedule so you'll never forget birthdays, school trips, game days, or even your groceries and school shopping lists. You sign up with your email or Facebook account, and then the app will let you create a family account or join an existing one.

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From there, you can view your family's shared calendar with personal and group events, color-coded by each family member. Users can create, share and track tasks, create categorized shopping lists, and easily sync all data between other family members to make sure everyone's on the same page. TimeTree Android , iOS is meant to keep family and small group schedules in sync, with support for multiple calendars displayed in month, week, or daily modes. Other tools, such as event based messaging and notifications for events and schedule changes, help you stay organized.

Users can manage separate calendars, share notes and sync schedules across devices. The app can sync with Google and iCloud calendars, and widgets let you easily access your events from the lock or home screen. Informant 5 Android , iOS is a powerful multi-purpose calendar, tasks, and notes management app. Natural language processing makes it easy to create new events, while multiple configurable view modes present as much or as little information as you want on screen.

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A Travel Assistant feature helps you manage international time zones, while location-aware features indicate travel ETAs and suggest locations when you create events. Natural language entry also extends to task creation, which you can display on your schedule, with checklists and filters to help you blast through your tasks. Variant modes support productivity techniques like Getting Things Done.

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Informant also includes a raft of premium features that you can unlock a la carte, or through a subscription model. Awesome Calendar sets itself up as a combination calendar, to-do-list and note-taking application that links up with iPhone-supported calendars like iCloud, Google Calendar and Exchange.

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The app supports natural language processing for event creation, Google Tasks integration, recurring events, customizable event colors, time zones, and weather forecast information. In addition to the calendar features, the app includes a to-do list function and a built-in diary that allows you to take down notes, complete with photos. Still, it is a fairly pricey custom calendar and some users will be put off by the fact that multiple other functions such as a lunar calendar, holiday calendars, and TV schedules are walled off behind in-app purchases.

CloudCal is a free Android calendar application that has a cool way of showing you just how busy you're scheduled to be on a given day. Using a system called "Magic Circles," CloudCal marks each day on the calendar with a colored arc roughly corresponding to your scheduled appointments and events for the day, showing you at a glance when you're booked, and when you'll be free. In addition, CloudCal features quick gesture commands, customizable views, and Google Tasks syncing, with a number of premium features locked behind an in-app purchase. For a different look at your upcoming appointments, try Vantage , a free calendar app for iOS devices.

Vantage gives you a overhead view of your calendar with dates spanning out into the distance while events and appointments stack up on top of each other. Tapping a stack gives you a closer look at what you have scheduled for the day. Vantage even brings tasks you've set up in iOS's Reminders app into your calendar. Vantage syncs with Google, iCloud, Exchange, Facebook and other calendar services. Swiping sideways on the phone allows you to swiftly move between a monthly, daily and weekly planner.

Sliding up or down moves you up or down the calendar in increments based on your current planner selection.

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Want a personal touch? Choose from 48 colors per calendar. A further premium upgrade unlocks other features such as additional calendar views, tasks, advanced settings and public holidays. Business Calendar has long been a stalwart among Android calendar apps, and it gets a welcome refresh in Business Calendar 2, which gives the venerable app a modern visual makeover while retaining the original blend of usability and features.

Users can easily switch between a variety of calendar views, from precise daily and weekly calendars, agenda modes for quick summaries, and overarching month calendars, with events easily marked in colored swatches for easy reference.