Mac soft brown eyeshadow tutorial

Naked Lunch: this is really one of my favorite MAC eyeshadow. It refreshes the eyes immediately. This is a superb highlighter. The color is pretty universal, it fits many different skin tones. You will see, I prefer color rather in brown tones, moles or plums, because these are the colors that fit best with the color of my eyes light blue-green. There are both matte and iridescent eyeshadows. It helps your eyelids appear bigger for example.

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These four eyeshadows are rather warm colours. These kind of shades bring out the blue in my eyes. I often associate it with Sable. Jest: one of my favorites. I would describe it as a soft frosted peachy pink. I love using Corduroy in the outer corner of the eye or along the lash line top or bottom.

Where have you been all my life?

2. Tutorial for Green Smokey Eye

This eyeshadow is absolutely sublime. I usually apply it on my entire eyelid or in the crease with Jest on the eyelid.

MAC Parrot Eyeshadow Dupes - YouTube

And sometimes along my lower lash line… Anyway, I put it all over the place! Perfect to make the green in my eyes pop. Satin Taupe: a real famous MAC eyeshadow! This is a taupe a beige-gray with bronze and purple undertones. Yes, it has so many different shades in one colour! It fits everybody, in my opinion. I love it in the outer corner of the eye, on the eyelid or along the lash line.

It intensifies but without being too dark. All in all a very easy makeup! This is really a perfect eyeshadow to use on the crease. I associate it a lot with Shale.

I often apply it to the entire eyelid and I blend the crease with Blackberry. It can also be applied in the outer corner with a lighter color on the eyelid like Jest for example , emphasizing my lower lash line. Yes, I know, it looks like Quarry. These two eyeshadows are extremely close. However, I find that Haux has a pinkier undertone than Quarry, which means that I pair it a lot more with my mauvy eyeshadows.

DIY: Cutting-Edge Cut Crease Eyeshadow Tutorial

Soba: What a beauty! Usually, I wear it by applying on my entire eyelid. A real must-have! It just gives depth to the look without giving the impression that you are wearing makeup. Perfect no-makeup makeup!

My Must-Have MAC neutral eyeshadows | Bonnie Garner – Skincare, makeup, nails

I found that all the taupy shades, whith gray or almost khaki green undertones work so much better on my eyebrows the hair from my eyebrows have a cool undertone. So a brown shade would appear orange in my eyebrows. This is a MAC Satin. It almost has some green in it. And there you have it! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Great review Bonnie and look like great shades, just came across your site and I love the details in your reviews, great read. In my quest foe the perfect neutral eye shadow could you recommend to give me that perfect natural look. With a pale complexion which neutral shades are worth the investment if I were to choose only 4, which ones would you recommend I start with? I feel like I should follow what you have as I value your opinion.

So which 4 should I star with? Hi Sarah, thanks for your lovely comment! And one nice shade to put all over the lid like Satin Taupe which is a MAC classic because it pretty much goes with every eye color or Sable which I just love. Maybe I should try them! Hi Bonnie!!! That was a great and very helpful guide!

What do you recommend as the best shades for light brown eyes? I already have a Mac quad with all that glitters, soft brown, woodwinked and brown script. Im looking for a second quad for everyday use. And last question, what exactly is a blending shadow? Do you always need one in a quad? I really hope you answer!!! Hi Connie! Thank you so much for your lovely comment! You have a great choice for your eye makeup!

A blending shade is totally optional but for me, it became mandatory in my eye makeup. I hopes it makes sense! Usually, you choose it according to your skin color. I discovered the importance of blending not so long ago, and believe me, it changes the way your eye makeup looks. Everything just looks perfect all together! And to achieve a good result, you may consider buying a blending brush like the very famous MAC , which is perfect to apply these kind of shades! Dear Bonnie: Actually your answer help me a lot!!! Thank you for your kind and fast answer.

Thanks for all the info, I love makeup so I will be checking your blog for more! Xoxo Connie. Ah ah, my pleasure!


Please, feel free to come back and tell me what you got! I have smaller eyes. I do not like a heavy makeup look. I like more matte and maybe satiny. Can you suggest some colors for me? From your article, I picked up on vanilla, orb, quarry, blackberry and shale…. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you! Hello Kate! The ones you picked from my post would be great! You can apply Vanilla or Orb all over your lids as a base and also on your inner corner to brighten , Quarry in the crease, Shale on your eyelid and Blackberry on your outter V and along your lower lash line!

Thank you very much for the helpful information! Do you have any other shade recommendations for me?

Top 5 MAC Eye Shadows

I have a hard time picking colors for myself. Is there a color that would look nice as an all over lid color on its own?!

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If you have the same issue as we have here in Dubai, that the Soft Brown is difficult to find and that some sales people will actually tell you it is discontinued rather than explain the reality then the alternatives you have are a check out places like the Mac US website or b if you travel outside of the gulf area drop into a Mac shop. If I misunderstood your question, please let me know what you meant :. Thank you very much!

Oh my god! Girl, you just got yourself a new follower. This is amazing! For suggestions; have you tried Mulch?