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Picasa Picasa for Mac: Google's answer to iPhoto. Download PhotoBook 1. Free Download for Mac. User reviews about PhotoBook Review. Laws concerning the use of this software vary from country to country.

We do not encourage or condone the use of this program if it is in violation of these laws. Don't leave without your download! Here are some crucial settings to remember when creating your PDF:.

Summary: Web based creation. Drag and Drop your images into our beautiful user created templates! Summary: Create photo books using your Apple Photos Library in 6 book sizes with many custom Apple templates to choose from. Summary: Competitor to Adobe InDesign, no subscription required for continual use. Summary: Easy to use desktop publishing software for creating booklets and prints.

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Learn More. Summary: Apple Word Processor with surprising layout and desktop publishing capabilities. Summary: Ideal for Photo Manipulation and can be used for project creation and photo book creation. We can help you create apple photo books using a variety of different software. We then invited other Wirecutter colleagues to look over the books, and they agreed with our final conclusions. In order to see which photo book service spammed us the most, we made a new email account and subscribed to the newsletters of every photo book service we tested.

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We counted how many emails each service sends you daily, how good the deals are, and if the unsubscribe button works. On the inside of the book, Shutterfly had the best image quality, printing hazy images cleaner and detailed photos sharper than any other service. Shutterfly came out on top with the cleanest, sharpest image quality of any book we tested. It was the only book to show any noticeable difference in our resolution test target, reproducing tinier differences between thin lines than the others could.

Mixbook, Artifact Uprising, Snapfish, Amazon, and Blurb all displayed coarse splotches; Nations Photo Lab showed streaky vertical banding; and Apple had one dark vertical band that even I noticed on first glance. Being able to see and pull from all your available photos even while opening another tab, such as the layout tab, proved to be a huge time-saver. Besides Shutterfly, every other service showed your available photos only in a tab in the toolbar on the left, meaning you would have to toggle tabs to choose a layout and photos to fill it.

Unlike other services, you can see your available photos at all times in a bucket below the main screen. We also like that a larger version of an image pops up when you hover your cursor over it.

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We also appreciated that you could hover your cursor over any image in your downloaded image pool to see a larger version of that image pop up within the image pool. In other photo book services, I had to add the actual photo just to determine if it was the one I meant to add in the first place. The sturdy cardboard packaging and plastic wrap meant our book arrived dent-free, unlike the books from Mixbook and Snapfish. Shutterfly offers the nicest combination of appealing layouts, accurate colors, and an attractive caption font. Plus the waffled end leafs are a nice touch.

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Photo: Michael Hession. During testing, I frequently felt the need to make a custom page design while using Artifact Uprising, Blurb, and Nations Photo Lab, but Shutterfly had something to fit whatever situation I encountered. There are multiple pages of layout options for one, two, three, four, or more photos on any given page, as well as a pleasing array of two-page layouts that can make a statement in your book. Each multi-image layout includes white dividing lines of the exact same width, which can be an elusive goal when crafting your own layouts.

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Our biggest complaint with Shutterfly was the color of the cover, which was considerably warmer, yellower, and more saturated than the original image. Shutterfly, Mixbook, and Snapfish all sent an email advertising a different sale almost every single day although this may have been due to the time of year, as we collected these numbers during notoriously sale-heavy November and December.

We recommend signing up for this newsletter only after you know you want to order your book, so you can select the best coupon, place your order, and then unsubscribe. Google Photo Books is the path of least resistance for people who already backup images using Google Photos. But unlike all other services we liked, Google Photos allows only one photo per page and no captions. Upon refreshing the page, only half of my pictures showed up, with the other half being replaced by gray boxes. The only cover option is either a full or partial dust jacket over a plain cloth book.

We wished there were a way to print an image on the cover or at least customize the cloth book when the dust cover inevitably gets damaged. We made two books with Blurb : one with its Web-based software Bookify and another with its downloadable software BookWright. We were disappointed with the options available in Bookify, which had very few layouts that had too much white space for our liking. On the other hand, BookWright, the downloadable software, offers a huge range of design options such as layouts and fonts—but still no spell-check—with very little glitching.

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Nations Photo Lab , our pick for best online print service, delivered some of the most accurate colors of any photo book we tested, although the image on the cover looked muddier and less sharp than the covers from Shutterfly and Apple. But the biggest issue was the crudeness of the photo book software, which requires uploading photos one by one into the selected layout.

After making photo books with tools that allow for uploading dozens of photos at a time and sorting through them to arrange the book, I could never imagine going back. It was also difficult to add captions, as the default box was tiny and hard to read and click on. While compiling a book in Mixbook on a Mac computer, we encountered a number of glitches that rendered the online software unusable.