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TechExxpert: How to Virtualize OS X Lion on Windows

Quickly select the VM, right click, and select the "Settings Under "Hardware" tab, select "Add The whole installation process will take you about 2 minutes, which is really quick and standard, nothing standing out as long as you have your Apple ID in your hand. Hooray, after a few clicks and ticks, you just got yourself a shining Mac OS X Lion Operating System up running on top of your windows PC without massive labourish work and un-rational quirks.

It's just another extremely easy quick way to set up the development environment by installing the latest xCode app from the App-Store. Highly advisable to go with original Apple hardware and Mac OS to get the all features and power of Mac. Intel Core2Duo 2.

Hardware Virtualization Technology VT is enabled in the host processor and processor is 64 bit ready. Install the latest VirtualBox extension pack also. This is the very important part in this installation.

  • Download the macOS Virtual Image.
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  • 2. Getting the software.
  • 2. Getting the software.

The ordinary installation DMG file you download from Apple or any torrent sites will not work here. We need to modify some packages and create a new disk which can be booted in VirtualBox or VMware. For this process, you must have a working Snow Leopard on physical or virtual machine.

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The bootable Lion OS X disk can be created by two methods,. So this file can be attached to the virtual machine as the first disk to boot the Lion OS. This file can be used in VMware and VirtualBox whenever needed. This is also ideal method to use with all virtualization software and physical computer also. Check this guide and make sure your processor supports these features.


Do not ask me why, because normal 32bit version did not work on my computer. You can deselect the floppy drive. Remove the Enable EFI option.

How To Install Mac OS X Mountain Lion in VMware Workstation on Windows Machine

Leave the ICH9 chipset as default. If you are using Linux, enter the following in a terminal:. See also installation guides from InsanelyMac sub-forums here.

How To Install Mac OS X Lion On VMware

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